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Ocean Bag
  • Ocean Bag

    Smell the salty air, feel the sand between your toes, and dive deep with our Ocean bag! 


    Our Sensory Bags are filled with Items that stimulate the senses to trigger emotions and memories in those who have lost their ability to connect with the world around them. Sensory Bags are useful to those who have challenges relating to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Brain Injuries, Chronic Pain, and other forms of dementia. Our sensory bags can be used in nursing homes, at home, and in educational settings. Our bags are easily adapted for use with young and school-aged children.


    This bag is filled with balls that are different colors, weights, textures and sizes that can be used for many different sensory based activities.


    All of our bags include instructions on how to best facilitate activities using the contents of the bag as well as cleaning and care instructions. 

    • Info Section


      • All of the items included in our bags have passed the choke tube test
      • We DO NOT recommend that our bags be used by anyone without supervision.
      • The safety of our users is our number one priority.


      • 1-36 Bags: 5-10 business days for the order be shipped
      • 36+ Bags: You will be contacted directly with an estimated Handling Time
      • Packages take 3-5 business days to arrive.
      • Total shipping and handling time for orders under 36 items is 3 weeks.


      • Items must be returned within 30 days of the shipping date.
      • Shipping must be paid by customer to return items
      • Refunds will be processed within two weeks of receiving the products back.


      • Paying by invoice? No problem. Place your order here and we'll send you an invoice and estimated handling time.


      • Items in our bags can be disinfected by being soaked, wiped down, or hand washed.
      • A proper cleaning routine should be implemented after each use of the bags to minimize the spread of germs
      • Each bag will include proper cleaning instructions
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