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5SensActivities is committed to improving the lives of those with sensory deficits by making our Sensory products, Activity Materials, and Online education courses available to the general public.

Sensory Products


One of our main focuses is the creation and sale of our sensory bags. The "Sensory Bag" was born more than 20 years ago after our founder and CEO, Anita, noticed that Sensory stimulation therapy was lacking in many of the facilities she worked with. For more than 20 years, Anita has been making and selling her sensory bags to her facilities, her friends, and her family, and wanted to finally bring them to the general public. Along with our sensory bags, we seek out businesses and individuals who sell or make products that are useful in sensory stimulation activities to sell their items to us wholesale to offer their products on our site.

Activity Materials

Our goal is to offer Activity materials through our website either for free or at very low costs in the coming months. These would be planned activities for activity curriculum, training materials, training books, activity videos and CD's, and much more. Our goal is to make sure that those taking part in activities both at home or in a facility are getting the very best sensory therapy possible to improve their quality of life.

MEPAP Courses

MEPAP (Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals) is a two-part program required for activity consultant certification. Anita has been Approved by the NCCAP (National Certification Council for Activity Professionals) to be an instructor for both the MEPAP I and MEPAP II courses. Anita has developed online formatted courses that include a mandatory face to face component. The courses currently take about 6 months to complete each. In the next year and a 1/2, we hope to get certified to offer a study at your own pace option that will greatly improve the programs' amount of flexibility.

5SensActivities will also have a rotation of different continuing education classes available online during different parts of the year. 

Contact us

We currently only take inquires via e-mail. We will be more than happy to answers any questions you may have. Interested in selling with us? Let us know! We are always looking for new products and new vendors to help us fulfill our mission!

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Privacy & Safety

We do not keep or store any of your payment information. Payments are processed through the use of Stripe and PayPal, and your contact information is not sent to them in any way. We will use your e-mail to send confirmation e-mails, invoices, fallow up e-mails and promotional materials (if on our subscription list)


Wholesale Inquiries

We are constantly looking for people and companies to be a part of our mission! If you have a product that could be used in sensory therapy either as part of one of our sensory bags or as a stand alone product e-mail us! We would love to feature your product on our site. 

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